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Automatic parking assistance

With the help of the parking system, there is no need for human intervention to complete the perfect parking.

Supermatic Production

Well established manufacturing capability with state of art equipment Advanced manufacturing concept.

Intelligent Parking

Completely autonomous car-maneuvering system.Low-speed cruising and anti-collision.Handle variant complicated road or environment conditions.


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About the Company

Forvision Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd


"Become a world leading Company in the field of intelligent Parking with superior Design, Service and Manufacture."

Forvision is the first high-tech company that can independently develop intelligent hardware such as intelligent parking, low speed emergency braking, blind zone detection and other ADAS functions, and further develop low speed automatic driving and intelligent parking system.

At present, from the core technical team in-depth study of international leading technology and independent research and development, has been using self-developed software, realize the parking assist algorithm and prototype hardware, automatic parking, parking control, low-speed emergency braking, blind detection, low speed driving auxiliary function.

The company has a number of domestic first-class ADAS R & D personnel, production and management personnel and the automotive industry has many years of experience in sales and management elite.


Optimizing resources, to be faster and better to reach our target


Sharing , learning, be inclusive with open eyes


Open minded, persist in continuous improvement

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